And he broke up with me….

“It’s over”, he said while leaving. There was a lump in my throat. My tears didn’t stop. I sat on the couch shocked, shattered. An unusual trauma surrounded me. My heart was thudding so much that I felt it would pounce and land in my hands.
It was 6 years we were together. We knew almost each n everything about each other.
The 6 years were a dream now. A beautiful dream that every person would love to live.
The story began when we shifted to our new house. Our goods were being unloaded when a musical voice distracted me, “may I ?” He asked pointing at the big box in my hands which was literally pulling me down coz of its weight. He was tall, muscular with brown eyes dancing with excitement. There was something that pulled me to him in an instant. I stared at him foolishly the box almost falling on my feet when he pulled d box from me. “CAREFUL”, he shouted.
That was our first meeting. We were neighbors. We would catch up whenever we could movies, lunch, coffee had become regular. Now his friends had become my friends and mine his.
The turning point came when we went for mountaineering training. His friends my friends and we two all of us a bunch of mad people. The training was an amazing experience of my life. A month of training and the last day, the day of convocation when he finally proposed me.
The rest is history.
Today is the day when I sit on my couch crying at my own fate.  How a single turn in the way and he slipped. How I wished I could rewind myself 6 years ago. But alas, the thing was beyond repair.
He wanted to pursue higher studies abroad. He wanted to get off from the shell he wanted to cut off those strings that held him back. And I was one of them.
I don’t know why he did this, what was it that provoked him to take this step. I never knew this side of his. The one who I knew was thoughtful, sensitive,  caring. I was so unaware of this new found side of his.
But end of the day this was the truth. His flight to US was in 3 hours from now. I could have asked him the reason but didn’t have the courage to, or I just didn’t feel the need to.

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