the diary of a girl – the start of something new

30th November 2014 , the end of the month it was. cherry on the cake was the date came on a Sunday. how could one not enjoy the month end as it was a weekend! was it truly an end of the month? no. my life restarted on this very month end. i found a new hobby on this end. the distance between the old and new has a journey called LIFE. hence my journey started with a new hope, with a new dream. on the very month end i was surrounded by new people, rather strangers. a bit scared, a bit worried i was. something different always comes with a sense of anxiety. so i guess i was ready for it. life is a stage and everyone has a role to play. and am choosing to play various roles. my first day and was a start of my theory. i was asked to cry and i fumbled. i was a bit uncomfortable. i guess one really has to sacrifice all the inhibitions to come out of the shell. so the time has finally come, when i leave all the strings that hold me back, that tighten their grip on me when i feel weak, when i feel low.

the only way to come out of this fear is to venture into something different, something new. i have made an effort to barge into the uncomfortable zones, i have knocked the unknown doors.  do you have the guts to go for the unusual?


                                                                 INDEED, THE START OF SOMETHING NEW…… 

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