Her first love

Whatever she does, wherever she goes, with whoever she stays there’s a truth nobody can change. Her first love can never leave her. The love always resides in her heart, she may not voice it but it is evident through her actions. She loves him unconditionally. She respects him. She admires him. She longs to see him.
A girl’s first HERO, her FATHER. The man responsible for her existence.
He was the one who carried her and strolled at late night in the hope that she will be in deep slumber of dreams. She was just a few months old. She could not understand what he talked. She would simply stare at him listening to the musical voice. He would sing a lullaby for her. Yeah he was a bad singer. But this distracted her. She forgot her wailing instead she would stare at him in astonishment. He would make funny faces in hope that she will laugh and she did. His effort didn’t go in vain.
She grew up so much that she would now start walking. He held her tiny hands from behind, made her stand on her feet and went on ONE TWO ONE TWO. Very much unaware of the happenings she loved this game and played with him in excitement.
The game continued till the day she stood on her feet herself and walked to her dad, balancing herself, trying to hold on to things she got in her way. He had tears in his eyes when she walked 2 steps. They were enough for him as a trophy. His little angel was growing.
She had started speaking uttering things. She called him DADDA. He shrieked with joy.
Years passed by. She followed him wherever he went. His office was her favorite place of mischief. In his absence she would sit on his chair wearing his spectacles mimicking her hero. Oh wow how much she loved it. He watched her stealthily but never let her know of his presence. From that day itself he followed her like a savior like a shadow.
She was scared of darkness. There was power cut off that night. No one was home. Frightened she hid under the table, sobbing profusely. He came then from a long day of work. Accustomed to her habit of hiding, he rushed near the table and let out his hand to him. She nodded negatively.
” i am scared to come out”
He replied,
” trust me angel, i am there”

His affirmation was enough for her to gather her lost courage.
She wanted to follow his footsteps. He was a single father. Her mother died the time she was born. She wanted to know about her mom.
“Her pregnancy was complicated. I was busy making our lives secured. Would work over time. The business was in the low phase then. She suffered from labour pains in the 8th month itself. I was in the office. Our neighbors took her to hospital. No one from our families came at that crucial point. Everyone was against our marriage then. We thought things would change with time. But nothing happened the way we thought. At times our thoughts are simply a mirage. I rushed to hospital as i got the news of her condition. She had to be operated. I received financial help from my friends. Then you were born. She breathed her last once she saw you in my arms.”
Her father was her mom also. He always made things easy for her. She discussed everything and everyone with him. He was her love indeed.
It was her 18th birthday and she got the licence to drink. He allowed her. But in limits. *wink*
She completed her education and took up a job. Internship was hectic for her. She would reach late at night. She would be sleepy to such an extent that he had to remove her shoes everyday.  This had become a routine for him.
Time flew and she was getting married. Her man was her choice. Her father asked, ” what’s so special about him?”
She replied, ” he’s like you DADDA”.
After 6 yrs of blissful marriage, blessed with twins, she and her family moved their base abroad. Her husband had got a posting there.
She left her first love here and went away. Her DADDA had insisted her to go.
Today, she sits on the bench in the hospital. Her head in her hands, sobbing profusely. But he is not there to pull her out of the grief. He was lying there in ICU almost dead. He was breathing his last.
A hand caressed her head gently.
“DADDA”, she shrieked. But it was not him. Her husband had come to call her to meet her dad the last time.

She nodded negatively.
” i am scared to go there”
He pulled out his hand to her
” trust me angel i am there”

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