Love shall find a way..

Warmest new year wishes to all my friends here. I guess I have successfully earned the reputation of being inconsistent here also(*grins*). I suppose this is what am better known for. :D.

The new year started off with a lot of confusion for me. I simply kept on thinking what to write what not to write. The blogs were flooding with the posts of memories ’14, resolutions ’15, the hits and misses of 2014 and the list is really unending. With much enthusiasm and zeal year 2015 was welcomed. But I still was caught in the nostalgic moments of the past year. What shall really be new this year? I always questioned myself. To be frank nothing was new except the change in dates and calendars. Everything else remained the same. The sun rose on its usual time and the sun would set in the evenings. The daily routine was same for me.( I would spare those who had decided to go for something different this year).

January went by and I was still stuck in the hazy clouds of my own thoughts. “Tch, nothing remarkable in this year lord”. “, why the hell people are so excited?”. Something exciting rather different was an unexpected photoshoot in the middle of Jan that really swept the ground off my feet. Yeah the day 11th jan is worth remembering for me as I had ventured into something that wasn’t my world at all. Till now good. ” I really have something to store in the hard disk” was my reaction. But as they say time changes for the bitter or for the better. Jan went by smoothly.

Then comes the month of Feb, the month of love. I again thought of putting up something but as I glanced across there were posts on love and life. I gave up the idea of writing anything again as I was busy reading posts by so many of you here. I swear I didn’t regret that.(*winks*) After all love is that feeling which no one can deny. I guess right from the childhood am influenced by the Bollywood idea of love.

“Love forever”

“Love is eternal”

“Love is pure”

“Love is self consuming”

The list goes on once again. 😀

How much the idea of fairy tale romances rule our minds, seriously.  😛 But is it necessary that only one day should be dedicated to love?

February is the month where love is the topic of discussion right from teenagers to the old couples. All of us want to make this day special for our special person. Roses, teddies, chocolates are the flavours of the love season. But are these gifts eternal? Are the feelings forever? Can anyone ever make a life long commitment on a single day? Are the other 364 days meaningless?

We never miss to confess our love to that someone. “I love you”, the three words that rule the heart of every person entwined in a relation. But are these three words enough? They say with time the love vanishes, feelings take a back seat, priorities change, ego clashes, the sense of gratitude is hampered.

Importance of that other special person seems to decline. Had the confession been different, could this situation be avoidable?

How many of you have ever confessed to your beau ” I thank you” than “I love you”?

Gratitude has a special feeling of appreciation with it. Being grateful is that noble deed which has loads of love enveloped in it. Yes am two days late to say this, but try saying ” I thank you” to all the important people in your life.

Make the Valentine’s day “I thank you” than “I love you”. Do you know the reason why? Its because there are millions of them who say ” I love you” and there are a very few who say ” I thank you”.

In this fast paced life, the meaning of love is changing to the downside. Why not redefine love in a more constructive manner?

Love dies, gratitude does not.

I thank all of you for making my life so wonderful with your meaningful words…

They say practise love, I say practise gratitude.

Love shall find a way then.

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5 thoughts on “Love shall find a way..

  1. Wow is the only word that comes to my mind after reading this . .

    Jhanvi too good at such a tender age having so deep knowledge , take a bow gal. . ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u fouzia.. 🙂

      Isn’t it true?
      I have seen so many ppl who will only proclaim love on the special days. They’ll make one day special for their loved ones. But should feeling special be restricted to a single day? And what does special mean? If the person is for a lifetime, why to celebrate a single day?
      For me small things matter. And these small things shape up a character.. Tiny thoughts become manners, manners become habit and habits become a character.
      I always wonder why gratitude or thank you is termed as a formality.
      And see how siya ke ram showed it. My gawd!!!! 👏 suffice to say my thots are similar to those of ram of SKR..

      Thank you for dropping in here.

      I hope you enjoy the journey of “the dormant seed” with me 😊


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