All the best people are…


“All the best people are”.
Eccentricity is the essence of ingenuity.
Madness is genius. Why is it that “mad” is used paradoxically?
I guess people have the habit of normalcy. Something different, something unusual, something abnormal are surely the symptoms of madness for the outer world.
What is that some eccentric folks appear to be mad? Has anyone ever given a thought to the incredible discoveries that these mad people can ever come up with?
No, time and again they are ridiculed for their unusual behaviour and off beat ways. They mess up petty things and crack heavy codes. They see the invisible. They hear the inaudible. They think the impossible. But isn’t it that they belong to the same world as we do?
Yeah they do. But an interesting facet lies here that they have a world of their own where their brain thrives. They are physically present with us but mentally their world is different. They appear absent minded. They might simply get up and walk to work in the night’s attire. People may gasp, ” oh gosh, look at him . he didn’t even bathe”. But these are unimportant things to them. Have you ever wondered what is it that makes them the way they are?
This absent mindedness makes a way for incredible discoveries, opens the realm of spirituality and metaphysics.
The best people are mad. Some of them are mad for love, some for life, some for work, some for curiosity.
And what is it that drives them so insane? Its the ‘ never shall die’ curiosity.

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4 thoughts on “All the best people are…

    1. Thank you for dropping in here.
      Yes i agree so much they are beyond the materialistic things. And i guess they are the ones who understand life at a very different level.
      Have a great day ahead. 😊


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