pure and complex…..

As the name suggests, i have taken the inspiration from kay’s blog “PURE & COMPLEX”. Kay, thank you so much for allowing me to write about your blog’s name.

Being a blogger ( though its not been very long :P), one thing I have understood is the names that we think for our blogs.

some points that one may think while starting a blog ( as have been my experience. :D)

  • we start blogging to share our life with others in words.(quite similar to photography)
  • we write blogs to give tips, to seek advice, to cherish memories and so on.
  • the first step is deciding a name for our blog. ( trust me this seems to be the simplest yet complicated step ;). )

The blog name usually reflects our likes, our thoughts, our personality and our beliefs. To find a single name for a series of possibilities and ideas is a tedious job.

Kay thank you so much for giving me the reason of the name of your blog. I was so fascinated with the name itself :*

Pure and complex- a very thought provoking name with an element of paradox in it.Β  As Kay justified her blog’s name-

” I kept this name with the thought of woman. A woman is such a tender and pure soul on one side, but there is a certain complexity associated with her. one side she is a purist, on the other side she is that complex person who is difficult to understand.”


Now my point of view on the name.

Does pure exist?

Or is it ideal?

Pure is that attribute which can have a single shade. Owing to the essence of pure, one may see that to be ‘white’.

anything pure touches the heart. It is serene, it is eternal, it is overwhelming.

Now coming to complex..

is complex real or ideal?

complex exists in reality. Complex is ‘grey’. It is that thin line between white and black which is formed when even slightest portions of white and black mix.

Purity nowadays is rare, in thoughts, in intentions and in actions. so is this the reason that people see this as complex? I doubt so….


5 thoughts on “pure and complex…..

  1. Interesting post.
    I will be biased in the first instance towards Kay, great blog name, I am a massive fan.
    Can you be pure and complex in the same instance? Are there any purists left, maybe not in this age. Not in the sense of someone who may be cleansed…although you can be a purist in your work, an artist.
    With complexity, let’s not be sexist, humans are complex species, not just the female side. But in my view it’s our depth of creativity which makes us more complex. For me, pure is a life we are trying to achieve, but may not get there. Complex is the dark side we know we can reach, but maybe don’t want to take that step. Sorry ending on a morbid note.
    The Potato Sandwich was rather an easy option.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you took out time to comment on this… Me too am a massive fan of kay right from the blog’s name. πŸ˜›
      Loved your take, absolutely brilliant. πŸ‘
      Do u really want me to write on potatosandwich?πŸ˜›
      I won’t mind coz am a die hard foodie and love potatoes and sandwiches 😝 πŸ˜‹
      Am ready to give my take on it. 😚 if you permit..πŸ˜„


    1. Kay, thank you so much dear. 😊
      I penned down this instantly. I really dunno if it made any sense or not. πŸ˜›
      I had very much predicted that some one would ask me to write about my blog’s name😝 and you did that. I’ll surely put an article about dormant seed on the dormant seed πŸ˜ƒ


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