“What is friendship?”, she quipped.

“What do you mean?”, he asked.

“I mean what I asked.”, she was adamant over her word.

“But why all of a sudden?”, he too was not in a mood to give in.

His phone rang. ” listen I got to go now. Its urgent.” He left from there without bidding a goodbye.

She sat clueless trying to introspect her situation. Twirling the thread of the tea bag, she paced to and fro, as if a pendulum😵. She still didn’t get the answer. He was her friend, ( just a friend). He would come at her rescue and solve all her problems. But today even he was being tough.

“why can’t he simply tell the reason? Yes I had my own group of friends. We hanged out together, partied at night and did all the crazy things. But then a time came when I stumbled, fell down and lagged behind. Does this change our equation? For me, NO. For them, YES. I had heard a long time back that
“people change with time”. ” for better or worse” I dunno really. Had I known I wouldn’t have felt so terrible.

All of a sudden I felt as if I was thrown out like a piece of garbage. Nobody cared you know. They didn’t say anything, though. But they cannot change what I really felt. I had been always so adjusting. I guess this is where my goodness lies. People know I won’t grudge even if I was butchered. I wouldn’t wince in pain even if it had hurt. 😥

I was the one who could be easily replaced, easily forgotten and what was expected in return? That I will forgive easily.

Its raining outside and how I remember us running to save our precious uniforms from the trickling heavy drops of rain. How we would crave for a hot cup of tea in the chilled atmosphere. The darkness in the classroom made us lazy. Their would be power cut quite many times in the rainy season you know.😜. All of us would be drowsy least bothered of what was being taught in the lectures.

But today it is different, its an unseasonable rain. Raining in summer is rare but I guess its to calm the heat generated ;). Officially my mind is very hot coz of anger, sorrow and ignorance. The drops trickling down the glass of window are just like the tears flowing down my cheeks. ”

He came after a long time of two hours. The two hours of introspection seemed to her as 2 years of replay.

“So, how are you?”

“How would I be in 2 hours?”

“No, I meant better or bitter?”

” Am the same.”

” You are difficult.”, he nodded pessimistically.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what I say”

“Don’t you have any original one-liners copy cat?”


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