Asad and zoya were not talking to each other from the time they had a quarrel over her lifestyle-dressing style and eating habits. Never had they agreed over one thing at a time. They always had to cut each other’s words for every petty reason they could find.

The same thing happened yesterday when Zoya insisted on having an ice-cream despite of the severe cold that she was suffering from. Asad was back to his roaring self when zoya didn’t listen to him.

Zoya was very upset over this as she neither could convince asad nor could enjoy her ice-cream. Well the reason was too small but they fought over it so much as if it was the end of the world. 

The fight ended up as a silence between both of them. Zoya wouldn’t speak to him and asad wouldn‘t apologize for his behavior.

Things became more worse when zoya and asad were called upon a party at a club by their friends.

Both of them were always pathetic at pretending that everything was fine. But they had to put up this disguise in order to save themselves from embarrassment.
Even when their fights came into light they always ended up blaming each other for the subsequent consequences.

At the club, everyone was enjoying the party except this couple. Asad was watching zoya from a distance. Zoya was sipping over a cold drink sitting at the table sulking over their fight. How had she wished to enjoy the dance with him but their fight had screwed up everything.

“He can’t even come and say sorry, Akdu Ahmed Khan. What does he think of himself? I even have to take his permission for having an ice-cream. How ridiculous!! Now let him stare at me.

Zoya could sense that asad was advancing towards her.Pushing the drink aside she got up with a reflex. “Can’t I have a cold drink also? Do I need your permission for this too?”

But asad calmly took his wallet from the table waving it before her. So Mr.asad was not in a mood to talk.

By now zoya’s blood was boiling with rage.

“Allah Miyaan!!! what’s wrong with this man.” She sat down and became busy with her drink.

After a while she could see something cooking right under her nose. Yes her man with some other girl!!!.

Immediately did zoya recognised her as susan. She was their college friend. Yes once upon a time she was mad behind asad. Infact in those years zoya had helped her to flatter asad but she herself had fallen for him.. Life was strange.

Now her friend was standing with the man of her dreams. How she had hated it!!!

Within a while,asad and susan were on the dance floor. Looking at them zoya gulped in shots of vodka. When the scene became unbearable, zoya proceeded towards them.

Pulling susan aside she yelled,” How dare you!!!!”

“zoya, listen.” asad tried to calm her. But she shunned away his hand and started to go out. Susan and asad followed her outside.

She took an iron rod from the scrap lying near the store and proceeded towards the parking lot.

“What is she doing?” asad wondered.

She raised the rod and hit the car screen before her and the glass broke off.

“Holy shit!! she broke the glass of my car.”, susan shrieked.
“Now go and accompany asad in his car susan. That’s better.And when he fights with you assist me in breaking the car glasses of his future girls.”

“I BREAK-UP WITH YOU ASAD AHMED KHAN.” zoya yelled at the top of her voice.

Asad remained stunned at this show.


2 thoughts on “LOVE, FIGHT AND BREAK-UP

  1. So I take it this wasn’t a marriage of convenience, did they both get bored of finally achieving each others love and now there was no challenge?
    There is a certain art of compromise which we often forget exists and hence why couples don’t manage to stick it out for so long. In a relationship, both of you, at times, need to come down a step and admit you are wrong, even when sometimes you are right.
    In this situation who is wrong, who is right, only the author knows….but it seems they will both become just another statistic if they don’t manage to patch things up.
    Nice post.


    1. I had posted this on a TV forum long time back. And here the characterisation mattered a lot. I have simply framed a short story over it.
      Jealousy is one of the biggest enemy of any relationship. But it bounds to have a place everywhere.
      Its more of a fun story than a social stigma associated with it i guess..

      Thank you for expressing your views.
      Enjoy your day 😊


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