The mystery dress- what’s the real mystery?


The dress that has taken the social media by storm. I would like to know your views.


Came across this article yesterday and still puzzled as to what is all this about?

Your views please.

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4 thoughts on “The mystery dress- what’s the real mystery?

  1. Not wishing to dwell too much on this one as I was involved in a WhatsApp group chat most of the day (innocent bystander). I understand different vvariations of this were sent out…is it Science? Nope. Just a publicity stunt to enable ppl who have too much time on their hands to then create scientific theories about the situation.
    It made me chuckle and a bit of fun.

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    1. Same here… It made me laugh, as to so much of discussion over a dress. The dress that took all of us on wheels. šŸ˜
      Thank u for commenting.
      Have a great day..šŸ˜Š


    1. Thank u kay for dropping in here and sharing your views šŸ˜Š
      The dress has really driven everyone mad. Am ROFLing on every meme, every article and every joke on this.
      Have a great day.


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