Anticipated tomorrow

Life was amazing
Surrounded by ppl
I stood in a crowd
They were there
And they weren’t
Nthn cud have been
So precious
Today I stand on crossroads
Nobody surrounds me
I realize am left out
They went ahead
But again I introspect
Were they really there
In the past?
Or was it an illusion
That seemed to be so real?
Am liberated today of the thought
That I will be handled, I will be cared.
I have gathered the guts to be self sufficient and efficient.
I won’t be a creeper anymore
Neither on a pillar
Nor on anybody’s shoulder
Time teaches you a lot
It has taught me a lot
Live and let live
Let go of the past
Let go of those memories
That trouble you
That saddens you
All you have is a day today
And an anticipated tomorrow..

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2 thoughts on “Anticipated tomorrow

  1. Nice piece. All we have is ourselves, who better to depend on to make the right choices at the right time. Friends and family will come and go, pass like the wind, sometimes warm and sometimes chilly.
    Remember, it us alone who will have to justify our accounts….trust in one self.

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