Plans, plans and plans…

Does this happen to you that you make a plan and no success comes along?
This happens with the smallest of things also. A movie, a ride, lunch, a trek or anything.

Am in the same situation.:'(. My movie plans are in no mood to work.


Is this happened with anyone? Do share your experiences…

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4 thoughts on “Plans, plans and plans…

  1. Aww poor you…
    I often criticise myself because I make too many plans over a given weekend and the output looks nothing like what I planned to do. Take for instance this weekend (I am replying to this as I am having a short break with a cup of chaa after mowing the front lawn…back lawn next).
    Here was my list on Thursday evening.
    1. Mow both lawns (success)
    2. Hover and wash car
    3. Write up drafts of two blog posts
    4. Measure back lawn for new design
    5. Update sports website
    6. Make chocolate truffles
    7. Sort out paperwork at home
    8. Do a little office work before Monday
    9. Identify items to be disposed from garage for next weekend.
    10. Watch The Birdman
    How am I measuring against this to date? Not great.


    1. Really, am missing the fun, you know 😙 no company for a movie 😔..
      Your list is so long.😱.
      Thank you for dropping in and sharing your experience.
      Have a great weekend.


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