Who are you?

I have known you so long
Yet I don’t know you
You changed so fast
It was hard to catch
Just like a chameleon did
Every colour you showed
Made me introspect
Did I knew you?
Fleeting appearances of yours
Made me hallucinate quite a while
I knew you so long
Yet I don’t know you….

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2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Would it be safe to assume a relationship between this and the hurt post? Only the author knows. Sometimes the people we think we know the most turn out to surprise us. Showing love and compassion to ppl is a good thing, but trust should be exceptionally retained for a very few, so few that you can count on one hand.

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    1. These are random posts dear. But i loved the parallel u found between the two posts. šŸ˜Š. I write on the things i hear of. They are small petty things that people may encounter in daily lives. These are not my experiences yet. But these are those that anyone can relate to.
      Am glad you shared your views. Thank you so much.
      It is so true that at times we fail to recognise people. At one point they are somebody at other point they tend to be different.

      Enjoy your day..


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