Hopes and aspirations

Keep a hope
You’ll have a life
Aspire something
You’ll have an ambition
Aim a point
You’ll have a goal
Let the hope not die
The aspiration not belittled
Ambition not lost
And the goal not missed
Live a life you want.

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One thought on “Hopes and aspirations

  1. So true. But hand on heart, how many of us can live a life we want. I think the starting point is to find a job you truly enjoy. So you are in the knowledge that having spent 8-10hrs a day away from home each day, you are still in an environment that will keep you sane when you arrive home. Secondly, carve out some time each day and each weekend to do what you enjoy doing. Whether this is a cup of chaa in the garden alone, whether it be reading a noval, or even testing your harmonious throat strings with a little singing (I know I do). Slowly that personal enjoyment will become a routine. Thirdly, help someone’s development in life, whether this be small or something substantial. In my personal observation if one can achieve these then not far off from utopia.

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