But are apologies effective?

Mistakes usually breaks the trust of people. Can apologies ever mend the broken relations? Do they iron the creases that mistakes make?

Your two cents please.

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4 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Well to be honest I have love-hate relationship with my best friend and the latest fight we had made me afraid that our friendship would certainly be over. But it hasn’t! It’s the intensity of our love that decides whether our ties would get sevred. Fights certainly affects but time can mend the troubled relationships.
    Great poetry! Sorry for this long comment- I had just sorted out with my bestie that made me pour my heart out here.

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    1. i loved your take completely. don’t apologize for the length. well i have a very different story though. being an introvert at times can be disastrous. i have a few friends who really understand me in and out. with them apologizing becomes a formality which none of us like. but yet there are some, who claim to be friends, yet present a different story all together. apologizing is miles away, they simply don’t understand what the problem ( or may be they pretend to do so)
      if some people become a bit sensitive, an apology can really work upon to form a new relation.
      thank you for dropping in here. have a great time.

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  2. Does saying sorry start losing it’s appeal when you say it time and time again? Typical example would be a person in a relationship who abuses (verbally or physically) their partner and then once in sense, tries to patch up with a sorry. When they happens too many times, they don’t mean it.
    On the other hand where one is at fault for something but too stubborn to admit, then a sorry can often save a relationship.
    It’s a double-edge sword this one, as saying sorry too many times means something is not right.
    Soemtimes, you will end up apologising even when it’s not your fault. Why? Because in a relationship where two people are at loggerheads someone needs to compromise with a ‘sorry’.

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    1. i agree so much here. apologizing should never become a habit though. one should apologize only to pave a way for respect to flourish. if instead of respect, one is taken for granted, giving up is a better option always. to nurture a broken relation with no positive outcome is a waste of time.
      thank you for dropping in. have a great day..


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