The bond


At times it seems to be a simple coincidence. At times, a planned intervention by the universe. You meet someone out of the blue, find a connection and feel as if you have known them all your life.

Has this happened to any one of you?
Do share your experiences.

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One thought on “The bond

  1. What is that single most important element that allows us to form and maintain a bond with someone? It’s what comes out of the other persons mouth…it’s the sweetness of the tongue that binds us because it makes us feel happy.
    A majority of my bonds have been built from an early age based on the word of that someone and supported by someone having your best interests at heart. That’s all that it comes down to because what you hear is what stays with you forever, you never forget.
    Over time I have had quite a few chance meetings, whether this be on long distant journey’s via train, in a bar or at networking events, and for that made good friends – but only struck a bond with one person.

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