Awesome twosome

U both have d same name
And d same place in my lyf
Presenting a contrast always
One is good at listening
Other at guiding
My incessant rantings
Wud b heard without complaints
Tym has passed,
Many came n many gone
But nobody cud take the place u both had in my heart….

A memo for two special friends in my life who stood by me always putting their faith in enriching my confidence.

Even in my darkest times they say they have a brighter hope for me.

So any special friends in your lives too?
Share your world people. Am eager to hear you all..

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3 thoughts on “Awesome twosome

  1. I experienced a dramatic event when I was 16 and my world turned upside down. Being the eldest and Asian, there was suddenly immense pressure and expectation on what I did. My uncles two sons watched over me like hawks, where there for advice and protection at every stage. They backed me when others closer were out to trip me.
    If they ever said jump, I would respond with how high and from where. I have a high level of love and respect that is hard to describe.

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