Since 21 days

Everyday since 21 days
I see her here on the road
As I drive back to home
Dressed in red
Her locks simply dance like a wave
A slim figure I see walking all alone
In the night
On the street to some place right
I wonder as what is really there
I dunno where she went
In the woods
Wearing a hood
Her walk is a mystery
So much so to drive me crazy
There’s an unknown feel that she gives me
Hot as fire and cold as ice
I dunno which to believe
They all said smthn that resides as passion in everyone
I refused to budge in then
I still don’t believe there’s smthn
So intense and calming at the same time
Its been 21 days am simply clueless
Its been 21 days am so helpless
Its been 21 days she comes everyday
To show me herself in a hood
Walking in the woods
Fair or dusky I have no clue
I come home to put a finishing stroke on my work of 21 days
The painting is perfect
It has a lady dressed in red
Walking in the woods
With a hood….
There’s no face I give to her
Her walk is a mystery
Her face is a mystery
But I see her everyday since 21 days…

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