Friends forever… N a selfie ;)


And what would one describe friendship as? Years of journey together or a journey traversed separately and yet felt the same as before?
There are some people in your life who you term as best friends. How do they become the best? For me, its the ability to start off with them where you had left prior. The journey then travelled together or separate is not a concern.
The bond that I share with my friend is kinda the same. Its been 15 years that we have been friends. Best or not I don’t know that, but yes we get along from where we had left irrespective of the daily circumstances. Through these 15 years I guess this is a single photo that I have with her. The reason for this is quite simple “am a camera phobic person 😝”
So do you have a friend with whom you too can hit off whenever possible? Do share your experiences.
Have a great day folks….

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2 thoughts on “Friends forever… N a selfie ;)

  1. Hand on my heart, do I have a best friend? Probably not. However I have a tight circle of friends (from nursery days) who I have known for 30 years, we still see each other, still pop over to each others houses, always there to lend a hand or advise. If I don’t see them for a while, it’s not a problem, but when we meet we just pick up from where we left off. It’s possible to have that connection with more then one person, it’s all about respect and not having an expectation between two people. Throw out the formalities, just be two people on the level.
    P.S. Another great selfie


    1. I agree so much. Thats why i asked is there anything of the sort called best friend? Probably the term itself is a namesake. Coz when smthn like best friend comes into picture, expectations arise which many times lead to disappointments. And then we end up blaming each other for the differences.
      And i what i really share with my friend is the other side of the coin. We start off instantly whenever we meet. There are no expectations and no wishes. Every time to start fresh, to start as if the gap never existed, to start as if its the last time, to start as if we met yesterday is fun. And i think this is what truly counts, even if we change for the world, we remain the same for some people.
      Thank you.
      Have a great day.


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