7 thoughts on “The thought that drives me hazy…

    1. Importance is given to how much you can memorize word by word, bit by bit even if its wrong. Talent, creativity and questions are least graded. N if u cant reproduce the same on paper u r sure to fail. And this is the real case… Its like u wanna be happy then mug up n be satisfied…


    2. If my personal view is considered, then i really go by the movie’s thought. My concern is that this doesnt work in the world really. I glance around only to find people running a race and dont even know where they are supposed to reach. Being very frank am not one of them. I had people who ridiculed me for this reason. They would simply make up their minds that am a dumb person. But even they would turn as “awwww” as i would open my mouth.
      I guess with me its like, i speak only when i know things.
      But yeah this does makes me out of the mob. Am not the regular kind of person who would simply run for the sake of running. I believe to work is ur play and to give is destiny’s play. And best things come with time. The race ends with you having mediocre things at hands…


      1. Be not part of the rat race but walk in the opposite direction. If one can wake up in the morning and be able to look themselves straight in the eyes, then they are doing the right thing. I grew up being the black sheep in my family and tell you what, I am very happy with myself, my character… I am unique…..

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  1. Basically people r going crazy for grades…grades that don’t actually have any value..I’ve seen toppers who can’t even form a single sentence & cant even explain d concept & yet they are the flying colours..but doesn’t really matters a lot..when these people r taken to d market..they actually stand nowhere & their colours jus fade away….so do not worry miss..lets say..v r learning one more quality of mugging up šŸ˜€

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