I came here daily,

looking for a fairy.

Beauty so divine,

completely mine.

Dressed in white ,

she came every night.

Haunting me with all her might,

were her eyes so bright.

My friend would laugh,

on the photograph.

“How can you love a tree?”,

he would ask bluntly.

I ignored him,

and went to the gym.

Only if i could explain,

what was with the rain.

My psychiatrist would say,

“you need to pray”.

The mind would play,

so many games.

I sat to meditate,

only to elucidate.

Reality  or illusion?,

was the revolution.

If only my mind would be free,

i could see the tree captured in photograph.

My vision had the dress so white,

and the eyes so bright.


12 thoughts on “REVOLUTIONARY MIND

      1. I wanted to dwell upon the fact that what the mind at times imagines appears to be real for the person.
        Same happens with the person here. So much so that he tends to hallucinate her everywhere. Even in the photograph he had clicked. For others it is simply a tree but for him its that lady standing in front of the tree. Condition is so worsened that even the psychiatrist asks him to pray and so he meditates.

        I guess this piece did not come across that clearly. 😓😄😜
        Apologies for the same. I hope this reply will clear the doubt u have..

        Liked by 1 person

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