Don’t blame me

“Mom my shoe is biting me.” , I squealed in pain stopping midway jamming the road so the traffic of people behind walked over me.

“Ouch, watch out you”, I screamed as a man pushed me hard with his 10 kg bag that he was wearing over his shoulder. My body had become so inert that his push landed me right in front of a cart full of sweets that the hawker had been walking with.

*THUD* was all I could hear in the hustle bustle of the narrow lane. The hawker gave me such a glare that any innocent fellow would die on the spot. He was fuming. Lest he knew he was dealing with me.
Moving his mouth in an incessant chatter, he started brawling insults at me.

All I saw in front of me was the smoke that came out of his ears.
I couldn’t understand why the hell he made such a ruckus when I only had accidentally fallen in his way. 

Before I knew what happened I started shouting my lungs out retorting for the abuses he had hurled at me. My mom came running back to me holding me tight at the wrist pulling me out of the chaos.

” sorry brother, sorry”, was all my mother said.

She dragged me from there. I was furious at my mother.

” why the hell did you apologize to him?”
“Will you carefully look at what you did?” Pointing down my mom mercilessly questioned me.

Indeed the black road had a patch of rainbow.

Holy shit! My accident messed up with the poor fellow’s sweets. The sound was of this box.

Limping behind, I went and sat on the bench to have some ‘chaat’

“Don’t blame me. It was all because of this tight shoe. See, I have so many bruises”, showing my glorious blushing feet to my mom I sat for my order to arrive.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t blame me

  1. A chain of chaos can tight shoes and squashed toes cause. Hopefully the chaat was cold and your toes found some solace in that. Did the man fuming with smoke manage to recover his sweets? With so much bustle someone everyday will lose out on something.

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    1. I always land up in awkward situations like this whenever i visit the city for shopping. Overcrowded place it is. You dont even need to walk, the people behind will surely take you to your destination.
      I don’t have a single clue what happened with the hawker later.😛
      I was busy running with my bruises. 😂😂😂


  2. Haha ! It was an adorably honest post. And completely relatable. Everything seems to need some bashing when one is in pain. This reminded me of a friend who rejected the proposal from a girl only because he had a severe toothache at that time 😀
    P.S. I hope your feet are fine now 🙂


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