Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Film Review

Got to see this movie today. A loud round of applause for kangana for her spectacular performance as Tanu and kusum.
Madhavan shines as manu. It takes guts for an established actor as madhavan to underplay a character. Maddy pulls manu with so much of ease. Deepak dobriyal gives an awesome support as pappi.
What really attracts a viewer is the story and dialogues. The screenplay is pitch perfect and music adds melody to the saga of Tanu and Manu successfully.
Watch this movie for its quirky dialogues and spectacular performances. Trust me, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off kangana.

The Bhavna Singh

Whether you had the chance to see the first part or not of the Tanu and Manu craziness, you must see the second part!

I am always afraid to see Indian filmmakers bring a sequel to the big-screen, but director, Anand L. Rai turned that idea in my head around and executed a wonderful story of Tanu and Manu’s love-story. Just as the first film, there was comedy, tragedy and lots of Punjabi and Haryanvi confusion-chaos! It was the exact kind of film I was in need of seeing after attending two back-to-back weddings!

Every time I see a Kangana Ranaut film, I want to get up and go hug her. She has never failed to awe me by her fantastic performances. From her first film to this past Friday she has always brought a whole new flavor of acting on-screen. Kangana has a double role in this film, there’s…

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