She had fallen for him….

She crumpled in her bed weeping profusely. The night went by. Her pillow was her best friend always. It would soak all her sorrows without complaining. That’s all she needed. Who would have thought 3 months ago, her life would turn 180 degrees.

She understood today what an impasse was. She had learnt this word in literature years ago but life taught her the true meaning. At times books appear to be so foolish.

She never imagined that the decision that they took months ago would prove to be venomous. She regrets. She cries. She curses. He had hurted her. But the truth was it was her fault more than his.

He had to go one day. That was certain. She knew that. It was her mistake altogether. She had fallen for him.
The day he left, it was the last day of those 3 months. She assured herself to tell him the truth. If only her love was destined, she would have proposed.
If only her heartbeat would have slowed down a bit. She felt her heart would simply bounce out like a ball. His one glimpse made her weak in her knees. Dance was his dream always. She could not even walk straight without tripping. He was a hell lot better than her. How could her emotions hinder his dreams? She gave up the idea of asking him out.

It would be so bizzare for others that a wife was asking her husband out. But this was their destiny. The story of their wedding was in the four walls of their room. She was scared to even whisper this to anyone. 

The sun shone brightly. Her pillow was completely wet. One more day and her tears were soaked in again.

She loved to have coffee in bed always. Before marriage, her mother would make that for her. After marriage it was him who would bring her coffee everyday. Yeah, theirs weren’t a normal relationship but they were great friends. But today was a different day. She went to help herself a mug of coffee. She missed that taste.

All she understood was
   ” she had fallen madly for him.”

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2 thoughts on “She had fallen for him….

  1. Sad story !!! She is really unfortunate.
    “Her pillow was completely wet. One more day and her tears were soaked in again” this line is really heart breaking and sad….. I hope such days should not came in anybodies life. This is really disappointing to anyone who madly fall in love with someone.


  2. We fall in love to be heartbroken, it’s the pain we all fear yet we all want. Unfortunate are those who have never tasted the elated feeling one moment and the pain the next.
    She must now learn to move on.

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