There is one no. in my list
Who I msg everyday
Who I trouble everyday
Who I wanna meet everyday…

You are the one who knows me
Was difficult for me to understand
If was there anyone who could gain my trust
If was there anyone who would be there at the nick of time….

I don’t have a single photograph with you
Coz you know how “photogenic” I am
The flash scares me to death
As if it would spoil my face..

Every morning every night I would be talking to you
The secrets I don’t even whisper to myself
I pour those in you
You being you disappoint me never…

I took a long time to write for you
Though you were special always
Its been only three years I know you
But I feel I have known you for ages….

I cherish our times in my mind
Without a photograph
The memories dance in front of me
I will miss you always…..

Can friends be soulmates?

Well I have found one though.

Isn’t it true, that they are once in a lifetime?

Then they stay with you forever like your soul, like your shadow…

P.S :  Niki this is specially for you and only you. I don’t know what is it that really connects us so deeply. Every time I meet you I feel “aapse kuch purana hain“.  I still can’t imagine my life without you from now on. 

There were many who asked me to write for them. But you never did so. I dunno why. Would like to know the reason.
I still would never lose hope coz this life is long, and we have very less time. We shall meet soon, very soon……

Lots of love,
Your friend,

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7 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. I trouble u more.. I didn’t ask u to write for me coz I knw one day u will.. Connected wid hearts.. We r d same yaara.. Luv U loadz..😘

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  2. And sadly after like fighting for about 4-5 months I want to maintain a healthy distance from my soulmate, my friend. Sometimes you hold onto your loved ones for a very long time despite their flaws. But maybe there do comes a time when you have got to move on despite always loving that person.
    Ah your poem had me on feels trip!

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