Tanha (Alone)

Non Hindi readers apologies from my side…

Had written this poetry 2 years ago… Getting a chance to share today.

Bheed me ghumte rahe, tanha hi rahe, kisi ne dekha bhi nahi, thokar khaakar girte rahe,kisi ne haal bhi na puche par phir bhi chalte rahe thokar khaakar girte rahe aj bhi koi nahi h puchne wala
Uthane wale mil bhi gaye par samajh ne wala koi nahi. Samajh ne wale bhi mile par ghaav par namak chidak gaye. Kisi ke marham tha hi nahi..
Bheed me chale hum phir se tanha hokar koi mud kar dekhne wala hi nahi mila

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12 thoughts on “Tanha (Alone)

      1. No no, I don’t think so. Probably you are right! I mean Hindi is not my language. I am from Bangladesh, and Bengali is my language. I understand Hindi more, or less as it has similarities with our language. So, don’t doubt yourself wrong. It’s your language, and of course you know it better.

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