Its fine, you know…

So after quite a long time am here. Well can’t really say that :-P. After 3 complete days I have something to write really. Something that’s an Eye-opener ( for boys) and heart wrenching (specially for girls).

How do you spend your day? Is a question one encounters frequently and which we answer seldom. šŸ˜€ 

What I answer is pure silence. I don’t think one does anything different every single day. And I suppose that is why we call that as monotony.

To break this monotony many from the crowd prefer spa and parlour


( well, I shall take this from the POV of a girl, since I am one. šŸ˜‰ )

Keeping massages aside, let’s really focus on beauty first. 😛 .

You can relax anyhow anywhere but grooming is something that one is judged for every time, you dress up or you don’t doesn’t really matter.

The most important thing for which a girl will visit the parlour is shaping up her eyebrows. How do we long to make our eyebrows circular, angular. Sigh!!!

Every time we go, we dream that yes this is gonna be perfect, Alas!!!

Does that really happen? I bet, no.

Let’s first focus on, why did I zeroed on eyebrows today. Just like anyone else, I simply drove to my parlour to make my face beautiful. Yes, I even dreamt of my eyebrows.. Perfect!!👌

But this was just a dream. What I get in reality is something really different. One eyebrow circular, other one angular. I fret and fume on the lady for being so negligent. But now I don’t have any option but carry a mismatched pair of eyebrows.

What made you so conscious? 

I ask myself as I reach home. 

Point to ponder, isn’t it?

Well, the answer is simple. We are constantly being judged for the way we carry ourselves and present ourselves.
I still remember, the last time I was ridiculed for the same accident.

“Isn’t it funny that one has larger radius than other?”

My ears let of the steam that had accumulated in my head.

The other time, we were celebrating traditional day. Donned up in a heavy saree, face covered with pancake I entered the corridor. All was well till I again encountered “the critics review“.

” oh my god! Look at that”

The shriek was so loud that I almost balanced my weight in those heels saving myself from tripping down.

the liner of your left eye has slightly spread out.”

I could only say “WHAT THE”

I shrugged my shoulders. Knowing my anxiety, the response that came later was.

the thing is you are very fair. Any slight mistake gets highlighted.”

So all that I understood was I need to paint my face dark to avoid scrutiny.

I find it amusing when people tend to watch such trivial details when you yourself don’t give a damn.

Such remarks does makes one conscious in the social circle. And me being an awkward individual everything gets screwed up. Interestingly I received all the above remarks from the opposite sex. 

Is it always necessary to look picture perfect? Is it a rule for every lip colour, every liner to stay in place?

Aren’t out of the box things good?

It is perfectly fine to be imperfect and not well groomed, at times. Never let remarks dishearten or discourage you. Everyone has their own definition of beauty. For some of them details matter, eye liner matters. For others a larger picture matters, self confidence matters.

Be yourself. Be the reflection of your soul. Let the eyes do the talking.

And always remember one thing,

Grooming without confidence is nothing.





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