The town of love and town of hate- Begusarai


Am so sorry, but the TV buff in me couldn’t stay quiet. This is an Indian television show ‘begusarsai’.
Apologies to those who don’t watch


The three things that lay the foundation of begusarai. these three things have been frequently mentioned in the show right from the beginning. this dates back to the first episode where badi amma is shown telling the story to the kids. not in exact words but the summary of the story was ‘the sons of the family aren’t taught to fight over the throne and the land. but what is really uncertain is the involvement of a woman’


later we come across the protagonists and a potential antagonist. yes, priyom,poonam and laakhan. a well etched trio, perfectly placed with each one holding their respective positions. i must admit, it was well evident from their interactions that a love triangle is sure to form. i was pretty glad CV’s chose this track of love triangle. though they brought it quite late, but it was necessary.

another pillar of supporting character is mithilesh. a well carved and interesting persona.



well, here i’ll deal with the scenes played initially.

an alliance fixed by the families of a young little boy and a young little girl. the decision dates back 12 years before. a long time indeed. phoolan fixed it coz he thought manjitha as his family. manjitha accepted as he was a die hard phoolan loyalist.


what they do not know is laakhan-poonam equation. what seems a straight line is not straight but a ‘gol gol’ circled mess. still waters run deep. what we get to see a placid yet turbulent poonam. all is not well in the paradise. poonam often asks her mother ‘why aren’t girls allowed to live a life of their own’. 

poonam is forced to leave college. she is made to stand under water for 6 hours. she is made to change clothes on a run just to see a smile on her face. she is asked to jump from the rooftop because she hadn’t waited. she is slapped when she breaks an order.she is gifted earnigs snatched from a woman whose ears begin to bleed. so poonam is the girl who is pushed into an alliance where she has to pay a heavy price for being a woman.

laakhan a man who is extremely possessive and obsessed of his love. but is that really love that laakhan has? or is it the feeling that made him feel he was a man right in his childhood when he was given a hint that someone belonged to him, that someone was his possession? love is selfless not selfish. isn’t it?

the man is short tempered, has anger issues. what does he do? if anything goes wrong he blames poonam. is poonam the reason behind his failure at jobs? NO. a big NO. This man needs to get it straight his anger is the reason behind every mess that he creates. instead of watering the bud to blossom he made it so fragile and weak, that the flower fears even to smile. did the flower even had a trace of happiness in her eyes when she was taken for shopping? instead she was made to walk a parade with every dress on. 


the only person who understands the intricacies of lakhan poonam dynamics is priyom. a great friend of both, he puts some matter in laakhan’s brain and brings a smile on poonam’s face. i would really say priyom worked as the mediator between poonam and laakhan. was he wrong? NO. were his intentions seen as offensive? NO. 



if laakhan-poonam were a straight line, weren’t priyom-poonam a circle? a friendship that none understood. badi-amma does gets hints of something else brewing and rightly advises priyom to maintain a distance.  ( badi amma is a sure character who gives hints of the future at every turn. a slight focus on her will give a glimpse of future tracks)

before time phoolan gets to know the truth of laakhan poonam. a big reality check indeed. he takes a decision once again. ‘break the marriage’ the most right of all.  


to teach laakhan a lesson, phoolan takes a step further by asking women to throw pails of water on laakhan as a punishment for his deed with poonam. he announces his decision as the thakur of begusarai. 

what laakhan has to say is ” bade thakur apne power se poonam ko durr leke gaye. hum bhi apni power se hi poonam ko paakar dikhayenge.”

being the head of family phoolan had taken two decisions. but were his intentions wrong? 

the third decision he took was to marry off poonam with priyom. he saw what they themselves could’t. he saw what others didn’t see. badi amma cud see but she conveniently ignored. 

what seemed to be a straight line was a circle and what appeared to be a circle turned out to be a straight line. 



what happens when one realizes that they have fallen for their friend? anxiety, doubt, uncertainty and disbelief. this is what poonam went through. no relation strengthens without an “agnipariksha”. and yes there is misunderstanding between poonam priyom which manages to vaporize quickly. 

lakhan turns the tables every moment through this. that might be kidnapping the kids, that might be gun-firing on the day of mehendi. 

priyom’s realization comes this way. but wasn’t that late? very much indeed…



well here i bring back a point i asked you all to hold. the biggest bravest intriguing woman persona of begusarai- badi amma. 


her every expression gives a glimpse of further tracks. kudos to this actress for her flawless expressions..

the first pointer we have from her is the story she tells in first episode… a clear indication that JORU is going to ruin the castle of pride and unity.

the second pointer we get from her is the time when phoolan decides to crownpriyom the next thakur of begusarai. what phoolan ignored badi amma focussed on it… yes the decision won’t be welcomed by the other two sons…

the third pointer we get is that something is fishy, laakhan left the kids so quickly. she knows poonam is responsible for the new found development…

what is badi amma really missing? 

she blamed phoolan for the decision of poonam priyom marriage. she is sure of one thing that JORU will be the cause of bloodshed. what she is missing on is the other hidden intention of laakhan to challenge and acquire phoolan’s position. 

she’s blind in the need of preventing bloodshed to see what is righteous.

will badi amma’s efforts of preventing bloodshed backfire her? 


Yes according to badi amma joru will destroy everything. what one expected was bindia to be the JORU. but was she really the one? 



Badi amma asked poonam to choose a side as to silence the storm.

the JORU has finally sacrificed but will the battle ever end?


poonam: humein humari zindagi humare hisaab se jeene do.            priyom: tum apni life apne hisaab se jee kaha rahi ho.badi amma: zindagi me sirf pyaar pana nahi pyaar dena bhi hota haipriyom knows the reason of poonam’s marriage. others don’t. badi amma is hiding this truth from everyone. is it justified?will lakhan-poonam team ever work?

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