“why the hell didn’t you ever tell me?”, abeer shouted at her frantically. the truth had shattered him completely. 

” you never asked me.”, she replied teary eyed with a slight smile on her face. 
” 8 years you kept quiet about it. what kind of a woman you are. DISGUSTING!!” 
” what would you have done with the god damn news abeer?”, she finally lost her cool.
” what would have i done? are you serious? you are asking me what would i have done?” 
” it didn’t even take 2 minutes for you to sign those f**king divorce papers. you were a loser then. and look at yourself you are a loser even today.”
he banged the wall with his fist so hard that his hand started bleeding.
” ABEEERRR…”, meher rushed to him in panic as she saw blood flowing. 
” leave me i say.”, he pushed her violently. 
she fell down on the floor, bruising her hand.
“OOOUUUCCHHH”, she squealed in pain.
as the realization dawned on him, abeer rushed to the rescue of his ex-wife and the mother of his daughter. 
only had he known of his kid years back, they would have been together forever.
” isn’t it strange, you got your hand injured because of me and i got my hand bruised coz of you. aren’t we soulmates?, meher said looking into his eyes.
” how could you even think that i would abort your child, if i haven’t even removed the tattoo of your name? you are the most special person who has ever happened to me.”
” i love you.”, abeer confessed once again.
cupping her face tenderly he planted a soft kiss on her lips.
” i love you too.” 
” by the way, what’s the name of my princess?”, he asked curiously.
” MEHBEER.”, she replied with a spark in her eyes. 

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