It had been a week now that asad was away from zoya for his business trip. Never in his life had he thought that this would be his fate in 1 month of marriage. They could not spend any time together as he was working on a new project. And that’s what happened, instead of having a romantic honeymoon with his wife, the project had landed him in thescorching heat of the summer in new Delhi.Bhopal was surely better than this place. Zoyaloved colder places, the summer in bhopal had already pissed her off. In this situation totake her to delhi was a very bad idea which she had already rejected. Hence was the result,here was asad ahmed khan battling the heat of delhi on his own.

It was 4pm now, asad was staring blankly at the laptop screen. Nothing could find a way in his mind apart from Zoya. Her laughter echoed in his ears. Her image was constantly running in front of his eyes.He was mesmerized by her beauty on their wedding day.Never had he thought that this very girl would drive him insane one day.

How badly he wanted to concentrate on his work but his thoughts wouldn’t let him to. He closed his eyes inhaling deeply.

“H,Mr.six packs”, was the next that he could hear. “No”, he growled in anger. He felt a hand on his shoulder massaging him pulling off all his stress. The next thing he did was opened his eyes and turned around,to his surprise he found zoya standing before him. His eyes couldn’t believe what they were  perceiving. The next sight astounded him so much that his jaw dropped down opening his mouth in an ‘o’. Zoya was wearing a white shirt and had purposefully left the top buttons open exposing her cleavage, with it she sported a black cloth wrapping downwards perfectly showing her skinny legs. Asad was shocked asshe wore it as a mini skirt.

Before asad could compose himself and say anything, he felt her finger trailing a path from his forhead, reaching his eyes, nose,cheeks and finally his lips.
The next he felt zoya leaning all over him,he instantly threw his laptop aside. He could feel her breath near his nose. Her lips trembling, were finding a way to his lips. He closed his eyes in anticipation, His breath stopped for a while. The loud knock on the door startled him all of a sudden. He snapped out of his dream.His desperation was surely making him hallucinate.

“Asad Ahmed Khan, hmmm”, was all he could say. There was his coffee which he had ordered a while ago. Even the coffee that day was tasting bitter.

” You should have married your work asad. Atleast it would have accompanied you everywhere”, was what zoya had always said to him jokingly.

‘Enough”, said asad “screw this damn schedule now”. The pangs of seperation from his wife were now surely getting on to his nerves.

He completed all his pending work,finalizing all his dealstook a flight to Bhopal right away. He wanted to surprise his lioness so didn’t inform anyone about his arrival at home.

It was 1’o clock in the night when he reached home. He always kept an additional pair of keys with him in case of emergency. He opened the door and quietly tiptoed in the house. Reaching the entrance of his room he saw his wife in a deep slumber of dreams. Zoya was afraid to sleep alone. The darkness always haunted her as a ghost, so when asad was not there she would keep the room open.

Asad stealthily entered and latched the door behind him.  Zoya was in a sound sleep, a smile on her face was not even bothered by the noise that her husband was making.

“Must be dreaming about me”, asad said with a smirk looking at her smile. “This is the right time”, asad said. His mistress had already arousen every possible feeling in him then. He could feel his blood rushing south. How she manage to have this effect on him only god knew.

He lifted the pull-over and entered the bed just behind her. She was wearing the redcolored satin gown, his favorite. He always loved her in red and had always told her that in every possible way.

He started nuzzling at her nape clasping her from behind with one hand. The sudden touch startled zoya and she started screaming. Asad quickly put his hand on her mouth.

“MMM…leave me”, were the faint words he could hear.
“Are you sure, zoya?”,asad whispered in her ears.

Her eyes widened on hearing his voice. She turned around to face him.
“you cheat!!!! how could you do this!!”, she shrieked with joy kicking his legs.
“OUCH!!!”, asad squealed with pain.”STOP!!! zoya i am not here to do karate with you atthis time. Its damn too late. Everybody is sleeping,they might get up wondering how the earthquake has erupted in this house.”
Zoya immediately stopped at this she knew it would be so unfair to break everyone’s sleep just coz of their joy. Composing herself she landed over him with such a force that he almost lost his balance.

“ZOYA!!”, asad growled within his teeth. It was always difficult to tame her over the top activities. “I missed you darling”, she said kissing his cheek.
“I knew sweetheart that’s why i am here”,asad replied giving butterfly kisses all over her face. He turned her down and took her luscious lips in a passionate kiss. How hungry had he been for this taste. He occasionally bit her lips causing her to moan which led his tongue to find a way in her mouth. Their tongues were fighting for dominance. Meanwhile his hands were tracing the perfect curves of his wife. Swiftly the lace of her gown was out. Her hands were fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt. After few seconds both of them laid half naked.

Zoya was arching backwards trying to create friction. Asad understood instantly and went down to please her. Kissing her neck, he shifted to her cleavage. He pulled off her remaining clothes baring her upper portion. He took one peak in his mouth while massaged the other and gave same treatment to other. Zoya’s moans were encouraging him more. Happy with his work he had now reached the strap of her panties.Zoya’s eyes were starving he could feel it. Within a second he took off his jeans and came back on her.Now there was no looking back, he pulled off her panties while she was working on his boxers. Sensing the trembling of her hands he helped her with them.

Asad gently entered her. Her legs in a reflex found their way around his waist.
“A…ASAD”, Zoya moaned in pleasure. Hearing her moans asad thrust in her faster. Hernails were marking their own patterns on his back.

Their love-making was longer than ever before. Their separation had made it even more intense.

They had reached the peak. It was surely more wonderful than heaven.

They slept peacefully cuddling in each other’s arms..


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