Nashik & Kumbhmela

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         We all know Ramayan, in which Ram-Sita and Laxman were exiled for 12 years. Stories tell that during Vanvas, they stayed at Chitrakoot ( Madhya Pradesh) and Nashik. In Nashik the place was Tapovan, which in sanskrit means place of meditation (Tap). Shurpanakha, sister of Demon Ravan, saw Ram in tapovon and fell in love with his beauty. When Rama refused her proposal to marry she attempted an attack on Sita, who was in her kuti. Luckily Laxman saw this happening and he chopped her nose in Sita’s defence, this all happened at Tapovan and so is the city name derived from Sanskrit word ‘Nasika’ (Nose).
Every person who visits Nashik for first time is impressed by Tree plantation done on road sides, well tarred roads, proper traffic management , Fly-over on Mumbai-Agra highway , afforestation projects around the city and these all are supplemented with…

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