Even today was a day just like everyday had been in their lives. It was 6 months that they were married by now.

Everyday in their lives taught a lesson to them about each other. Their true secrets somedark some fiery some sad some naughty were revealed to each other.

One thing they understood that it was easy to lead a life with individual choices. But it was lot more challenging to tread on the same path with each other fulfilling their demands.

It was 11’o clock in the night and yet zoya couldn’t sleep. Many a times she encountered fits of insomnia. Today was the same condition. 

Asad could understand her dilemma. He had lived without his father for so long now. But this poor girl was unaware about her true identity. Yes, she was Mrs. asad khan now but how she deeply had died to know of her abbu but alas!!! no way was visible to gather information about her past. The clues were not enough to reach him. Even asad was helpless.

People forget things happened a day ago, how could one be expected to recall things happened 21yrs ago. Even the places had changed a lot than the photographs could depict.

Asad heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that zoya had fallen asleep. It was 1’o clockthen.

There was slight flicker of light somewhere. But was it light??? A second later smoke started coming out of the area. She couldnt understand what was it. Why was it so that it felt so hot in the dead cold season?? 
That single spark of fire now
 had engulfed a large portion. It was devouring the house and with that a 3 year old with her mother. The roof was about to collapse when the kid shrieked aloud:


Asad got up after the scream. He saw zoya rolling over the bed clutching the pillows tightly screaming for her life.

He patted on her cheeks trying to wake her up. She woke up with a startle hugging her hubby like a 3 yr kid would hug his father. She was wet due to profuse sweating.

“Shhh…”, he tried to calm her as he felt her heartbeats becoming fast..

After having some water zoya pushed herself back in the quilt trying to assure asad that she was fine.

Asad laid beside her caressing her hair lulling her to sleep. He had never sung a lullaby to anyone in his life not even najma. But zoya had brought him down to this stage. But he didn’t complain as his wife’s peace was his first priority…

Saawali si raat ho

Khamoshi ka saath ho

Hunm saawali si raat ho
Khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune
Baat ho teri meri
Neend jab ho laapata
Udasiyan zara hata
Khwabon ki razaai mein
Raat ho teri meri

Hunm’ hunm..

Jhilmil taaron si
Aankhein teri
Khare khare paani ki
Jheelein bhare
Hardam yun hi tu
Hansti rahe
Har pal hai dil mein
Khamoshi ki loriyaan
Sun toh raat so gayi
Bin kahe bin sune
Baat ho teri meri

Saawali si raat ho
Khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune
Baat ho teri meri

Barfi ke tukde sa
Chanda dekhoa adha hai
Dheere dheere chakhna, zara
Hun.. hansne rulane ka
Aadha pauna waada hai
Kankhi se takna, zara
Ye jo lamhe hain lamhon ki behti nadi mein haan
Bheeg loon
Haan bheeg loon
Ye jo aankhen hain aankhon ki gumsum zubaan ko main
Seekh loon
Haan seekh loon
Ankahee si guftagu
Ansuni si justajoo
Bin kahe
Bin sune
Apni baat ho gayi

saawali si raat ho
Khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune
Baat ho teri meri
He..ye.. a.. ye..

Zoya was lost once again in the paradise of her dreams which she hoped that they won’t turn into the her nightmares.. And her spirits won’t deter as her man was there to assure her peace.

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