love, fight and break-up:- part : 2

It was her birthday. Yes her first birthday after their marriage. The clock had struck 12. The stage was set but missing one was her hubby. There was no sign of him. As usual he was being screwed up by the busy schedule. He hadn’t wished her not even a msg of well wishes gifts were still far.

As time passed by she grew restless, not due to fury but an unknown fear was enveloping her. He was never this late. What was the matter? It was 1:30 then. She called him up for the 10th time now but to her own disappointment his phone was still switched off. Tired of the regular replies from the other end she dialed in his office only to be informed that their boss was busy in a meeting that had got proponed at the very last minute.

Yes, the project was indeed an important milestone in his business the previous day he had told her. But see the timing the meeting had to be scheduled on her day itself!!! But nothing much could be done now. He was busy.

At least he should have messaged me. Couldn’t he just send me a bouquet if he was busy. But does he really remember that today is my birthday?

These thoughts couldn’t leave her in peace.

Has marriage really changed him? yes or no? She questioned her heart but as usual found her in utter confusion. Enjoying the loneliness she pulled the quilt and tried to sleep for some time.

What will he do for me? Is he planning a surprise? She got up again.

The time flew by in her weird thoughts.

It was 5 in the morning when she heard the screeching sound of the brakes near the door. Yes her man was here. He always drove fast when he got late for anything special.

She quickly leapt out of bed and went outside to greet him. She expected him to be with red flowers in his hand. Red roses were her favorite. He had known it always.

He had gifted her red rose when he had confessed to her, a bouquet of red roses when he had proposed and their room was decorated with the same red flowers for their first night.

How her heart had yearned for the same sight and fragrance of the flowers.

“HI!!!” he stood with a wide grin on his face. He seemed very happy.

He was hiding something at his back. He was holding something. He didn’t forget.

She noticed this and blushed crimson red. How badly she was waiting for him to wish her.

“What’s there?” she asked him pointing at his back.

“Close your eyes now. It’s a surprise.”, was his reply.

She succumbed to his wish and closed her eyes.

“Now open them.” he instructed. She followed only to be greeted by the sight of a grey file in his hand.

“What’s this? A surprise?” she exclaimed in a shock unable to check her fury her ears were turning red now.

“Yes dear I got this deal and within two weeks from today we will be in London. It’s been a long day at office sweetheart pleases will you arrange some breakfast? I will freshen up and come within a while.”

She was completely taken aback by his response.

But she let it go. Maybe, he has planned it for the evening.

The whole day passed by, he was busy on a video chat with his contemporaries.

The sun had set giving a way for the moon to shine. It was a full moon night. How gorgeous the moon looked in the dark.

She stood at poolside admiring the beauty of the ultimate source of light when she felt his hands enveloping her from behind.

“The moon looks so beautiful, hai na?” he questioned.

“Hmmm”, was her reply.

“What’s there for dinner today dear? He further enquired.

“What? Aren’t we going out today? She sounded startled.

“No, what’s special today? He was surprised at her sudden shriek.

“You really don’t remember Ayaan? It’s my birthday today. I thought you will be the first one to wish me. Everyone called me up and wished but you didn’t. In fact you didn’t even remembered.” tears started rolling over her cheeks.

“It’s not that dear. I am so sorry. I was so busy that it slipped out of my mind.” ayaan stammered.

“Wow, now work is an excuse for this negligence? Why did you marry me then? I hate you! She ran to their room shouting.

Ayaan did all efforts to stop her but she didn’t.

He started banging the door of the room which she had closed.

“Humaira begum, please listen.” yes he was in great trouble now…His lady love was angry on him.


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