All I wish

Well, I suppose my little brain is on a holiday…. Either I end up reblogging the posts or put up the ones written by my friends…. šŸ˜›

So here comes one such piece of poetry written by my friend Sumedh.

I hope you all will enjoy this the way you have embraced my previous posts….

Any word of appreciation is expected for Sumedh.. So yes if you comment, do mention it for him that is, Sumedh.


Its rainin mild..
Greens have scattered..
Winds are chilling…
But thunders clattrr…
Walkin alone..a sight rushed by chance..
Rare enough to stop my life for a stance..
Lookin at me u stood all still…makin up for reasons showin all was against ur will..
Me all sorted…
What i want wat i borted..
“I was..i shouldve”.. you went on…
Mirth me glaring…u carried on..
Then came a point wen i had to utter..
Guess d feeling love.. u wer d latter..
All wat i want is a walk with you…
In nature’s arms with lightened hue..
I wish u would nodd..
I wish u would smile..
N i’d walk my passion..
Through those green miles..
Talkin along then..i touched and peeped…
The gates u denied me for years indeed..
Life rewinded itself on such an gracious pace..
Your steps were slowing n distance squeezed less…
It was d last tym i thought..
I can..a last stroke of effort concluding relentless span…
My hand by your shoulder i pulled u close..
N this time that was not a black rose…
My chest was restin a moon on… and hands cling in so well…
I was nature did cast its spell…
The mile came to an end..but a new tale began…
Starring princess snow and just a simple man..

Life is beautiful when expected things happen in an unexpected way..

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