Lost pages of a diary – 2

Dec 20,2015

Dear diary, 

Phew!!! Its been a month I became a year older ( wish me on 19th Nov ;))

The feeling is killing in itself. One year went by and yet no development.

It’s been exactly a year when I felt am doing nothing great. It’s been a year when I feel just so out of place.

I have been questioning my moves, my decisions of late. Where am I and why am I? I expected answers in this one year but life has thrown more questions. Twisted as it may sound it is pathetic.

One side I have an ailing grandmother whose chances to survive are nil. Doctors have lost hopes.  Medicines work no more. Paralysed completely she lies like a living corpse.

Her shouts and screams incessant make our nights sleepless. Her pain is unbearable. I only pray the lord would free her of this hell.

On the other side am frustrated with my life. Nothing keeps me happy really. The place I am in, makes me question myself what I really wanted. Am still searching my dreams. Am still hunting my goals.

I envy others who know what they are and how they are. Life throws a new challenge in front of me every single day, every single minute.

I want to go somewhere where I can sit for endless hours and no one shall come to take me.

Frustrated writer

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