Lost pages of a diary- 3

Tue, 22nd Dec

Dear diary,

I guess I run behind the time ( as if you didn’t knew 😝).

Its amazing to catch up with an old friend after a very long time. ( not much time but one tends to exaggerate when you share a bench with that friend 😚)

Sharing a bench is an old memory which each of us must be having. That might be school, that might be colleges benches have their own stories. And trust me they bear all our secrets right from our initials that we tend to inscribe on that wood permanently with some sharp object so that only we know what we have written ( other part is the fear of getting caught πŸ™ˆ)

See again I have started blabbering on a different topic altogether 😹

I was supposed to describe 22nd Dec and not my louuvvee for benches 😜.

I have that one single friend with whom I can sit for hours without even talking anything. Its just the presence that matters.

We decided to meet even earlier but couldn’t ( all thanks to her busy schedule. Am a free bird you know πŸ˜› )

And 22nd was the day destined to our long long meeting which lasted for 4 hours at the same place.

We checked in at 11 and placed our order at 11-30. The man at the place truly amused at our delays.

There were almost 6 to 7 groups who came and went after us. But we didn’t move an inch ( thanks to our endless talks. We both like to talk, you know)

It was time for our second order. πŸ™Œ

I guess that’s what I share with her. A bond of selfless friendship. A bond that has remain the same amidst all the chaos πŸ˜™

The people who know us are very aware of the fact that even if the day is over we will still have stuff to discuss.

As I said its endless, its a loop, its a maze. And if ever you are bonded with instinct and intuition it becomes intolerable for logic fellows 😝

After reading this incessant chatter you must have figured out that nothing much happened on 22nd Dec and yet I made a point to blog it. You may feel free to throw tomatoes and eggs. 😎

But don’t forget to comment if you bond with someone through instinct and intuition ( as I do believe in cosmic connection and everyone has Atleast one in their life. πŸ˜‰ )

I also take this opportunity to thank Nikita for always being there. 😘

Am pretty sure my diary shall soak this incoherence too. πŸ˜„.

Yours faithfully,

A philosophical daydreamer

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