28/12/15: Gratitude

Originally posted on Positivity’s Diary

This is the beginning of a collaboration where words matter, writing and art are appreciated, feelings and opinions are shared and queries, answered. We hope to provide you with valuable information to help you in your endeavors.

New Year’s countdown has begun, and like most of us, am already preparing for 2016. I’m not really one who makes a resolution list, but this time I’m definitely wishing that I start showing how grateful I am to everyone and everything in my life. I really am,  there’s just a need to show it more often. You never know what may happen next. Life’s middle name is ‘unpredictable’ anyways. So let me begin by thanking the author of this blog.

@janhavi1916 You’ve been kind enough to give me a platform for my thoughts, and words ready to be told. 2015 has been an immensely magical and sweet year to me, and this blog post is just one example. 


Allow me to leave you with a piece of my multicultural country, Mauritius. It’s a beautiful and addictive song on friendship by our local artist, Laura Beg.

In times of trouble

I only had myself

Nobody else

No one there to save me

I had to save myself

Until you come and you raise me up

Lean on me when you’re not strong

And I’ll be your friend

As we go on we’ll still be friends forever

You can always count on me

That what friends are suppose to do


© @iampositivesoul

2 thoughts on “28/12/15: Gratitude

  1. Lia, thank you for accepting my invitation darling…. *hugs*
    The post is so moving. 😚
    Am overwhelmed. Have to put up a lot of thoughts.. Shall be back again soon.
    Till then take good care of yourself.
    I hope to see you here too often.. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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