30/12/15: The confused souls

You either might have come across them or you yourself are one.

I want to eat an apple but bananas are very cheap today…the fruit seller is saying oranges are brought right from the yard.My friend is forcing me to buy papaya and its been really long since I didn’t give my hometown specialty; grapes a chance to please me.All these thoughts rushing through my mind and the fruit seller is continuously bombarding “kya chaiye wo to bata hero?!”(at least let me know what you wanna buy?) in a hustle to decide over..and speaking up to ensure I don’t make a fool out of myself.. I reply “chikoo?” and just after couple of moments I end up buying a muskmelon to escape embarrassment and just walk off.Throughout my way I am thinking what was so difficult in just buying an apple??I just had to go there and ask him for apples.

These lovely people are the ones whom I call “the confused souls “. They are everywhere. Talking to themselves all questioning their own ideas.They too, feel confident about themselves.They have the power to conquer the whole world on the night when they are all alone.The other day they would self challenge their own decision and will conclude “the thought has more cons than the pros”. They will end up just dropping the idea even if it was a milestone.Now, they can also prove themselves completely wrong once again when someone just whirls on their same idea to reach the buttery first quarters.They love people and many a times people love them too(c’mon they are cute!!). But when it comes to the practical world, they keep themselves very constricted and thoughtful.They will think 10 times before saying something and 100 times after saying so.Bullies or better say almost all of us address them as “dumb-a**”. They might even take the beating without a complain (Wow!now how boring is that!!). At times they will grow a liking towards the most beautiful girl of the group and will love her secretly without even a word. No one would even notice until you spy their gadgets and laptops which would be full of her beautiful and rare photos.

Its just like so much on the inside, but nothing outside.What is with these little souls then?Are they happy?Can they be sad too?Do they even seek happiness anyhow?!Answer to all of them is

Y E S..they do.

Something about these people.The most prominent reason for being a confused soul is to be considerate.They are definitely no practical people. They have amazing imaginations and can think in a way..very few can. They are very creative at situations where most of us go absolutely stereotype.As far as the emotions are concerned,they get hurt very easily.Any simple unwanted thing or even a news can hurt them.That is the reason why they don’t react much to any unwanted episode as mentioned earlier.It surrounds like a loop and thoughts hover around. And these guys unlike you and me…think a lot!!! They are just not ready to let it go.So the lesser they have in their head..less will they think about it.That explains the lack of interaction and the introvert character. Considering the flip-side now,they get happy very easily too.Small achievements, self analysis with a conclusion,a small compliment or even a glance of their loved one can keep them happy for as long as weeks.This might be a very small thing for us but they are capable enough of making it “the moment” for themselves and be days satisfied with the same.These guys won’t appear giggling as such to you because they have learned “the art of being glad”. It’s difficult to understand and even more difficult to grasp. But you see,’the other part of a half empty glass is always full.’ They have drawbacks which surely doesn’t mean they don’t have any positives either.

But all of the above, they have a quality which the world completely disregards nowadays.

“a saint would find attention but no respect in the land of cannibals”

Today’s practically driven world has made us so analytical and selfish that we have lost faith in morality.Humanity,integrity of a person is considered and talked about either when he cheats on someone or gets nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. That’s it. The rest all who have it and strongly follow fall int he category of idiots(‘dumb-f**ks’ to be more precise). They are not different from us,nor they are weak-minds.Its just the fact that their idea of this world is way too pure and morale than ours.

So the next time when you bump into a person who hustles gathering up your mess, just calm them;pick your things for yourself and give a priceless smile saying its all OK. Don’t worry. I guarantee you that smile would add a selfless true person into your “friends basket”.

Being with one such confused soul for the last 3 years has made me come to these conclusions. I might have lost the opportunity to learn more forever but I hope this would help the to revalue all those lost ethics of selfless life back to the world in some or the other way.



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