13/01/16: The Solicit

If there’s justice left in thy court,

I scream today in pain.

The rage the vengeance so much to it,

all bursting through my veins.



Don’t you see thy child tormented,

don’t you feel all those blood stains,

that ruined your courtroom’s velvet carpet,

his betrayed heart traced down the lane.



They say thou balance the love and the sorrow,

They say thou leave no one with harrow..

then give thy glimpse on my wounded soul,

its hurt..its lost..so weak so cold.


All that is left to me is this plee,

A desire to get my justice and flee…


Give me what my worth was of,

Give me what I deserved..

For this was definitely not destined,

To the feelings,the deeds and the love that I revered.


Set me free from this cruel world..

I am done with the sufferings at me it hurled..

Let me fly to that heavenly bay..

Where living for someone is not a tort..

Despite…its the only way!!



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