16/02/16: Lesson #1

After a journey of one year, today I start a new series called ‘LESSONS’. Am not a preacher, am not a counsellor, am not a speaker. I intend to share what I have learnt from my experiences. I hope you all will enjoy this new dimension of
The Dormant Seed’




5 thoughts on “16/02/16: Lesson #1

    1. Hi…. Long tym…. Its good to have you back 😊 😁

      I thought 2014-15 was my toughest year. But 2015-16 seems to be more tough all thanks to my bad health..
      And that’s the lesson that I learnt from it….

      In a nutshell-

      Deal with the present without cribbing.


      1. Sorry to hear your health is not where it should be and I wish you a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart. Yes dealing with the present is key, we often worry too much things thst have not yet occurred or may never occur. Have a fantastic day! 😃

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