29/02/16: Lost in her own Realm


“6 years later,
She stood, grateful, at the same place,
Staring at the sunset, Contemplate on her life, she did,
but all that did actually matter,
were those who in her soul, they entered, during the chaos of life’s fast pace,
And lucky during both times, he was, to capture her in candid.”




P. S: 6 years later, she had more colours in her life and she grew fat too. 😁



A/N: The above whiteboard picture is an original sketch my friend Natasha did 6 years ago. This is one of my most cherished inspiration point. Isn’t it beautiful how the girl seems to be lost in her own world of thoughts, and as if the photographer captured this moment with pure admiration.


© @iampositivesoul


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