17/04/16: Point to ponder: Independence


After a long break am back with something substantial (I hope it is 😂)

This time around am pondering on the topic of “independence”.

Am not talking about the freedom struggles or revolutions or sacrifices, I want to speak on what does
“independence” really mean.

Independence or freedom as one may put it.

I would specially focus on woman’s independence.

What really made me think on this is the recent show that am hooked to. Its called “SIYA KE RAM” which is aired daily at 8pm on star plus (India).

What I loved was the portrayal of bond between Sita and her father Janaka. Rather Janaka and his 4 daughters: sita, urmila, mandvi and shruthkirti. (Last two being his nieces)


I was deeply moved by their bond as I share a similar one with my dad.

Independence is not just earning money or hanging out on your own terms or taking decisions as per your mood.

Independence or freedom comes with an extra responsibility and accountability.

Even if am the youngest member of my house, my opinion is always considered in every part. House decor, which color is okay? Buying a car, what is your choice? There’s a wedding, what should we gift? This is the marriage proposal for your brother, what do you think about the girl? This is the electricity bill, phone bill,water bill.

And the list goes on.

Education is said to be the most important tool in making girls independent.


(Translation: Education helps a person to become independent and allows him/ her to live with dignity and self respect.)

Yes, it indeed is.

The problem begins with the tunneled vision to financial independence.

It is very important for a woman to be financially independent.

But is financial independence minus the freedom of expression okay?

I have seen many women who do earn for themselves, their families, but are not entertained when it comes to deciding anything.

Is this tunneled vision of financial independence snatching away the liberty to express opinions?

If a girl or a woman puts forward her opinion, a back answer is always ready.

“There’s no need to soar high. You earn, you earn for yourself. There’s no need to poke your nose where your money isn’t concerned”

Is this what being independent is?

Haven’t we as a society made the concept of freedom myopic?

Why do people always associate education only with money?

Education and knowledge are the tools that make you curious, that make you open to broader horizons. 

Knowledge gives us the ability to think independently. Shouldn’t these independent opinions be acknowledged anywhere?

Why does this problem persists even when women are becoming financially independent?

What I really loved about the character Janaka in Siya ke Ram is his ability to see man and woman equally. He gave all the rights to his daughters and wife. To question, to decide and most importantly express their mind.

This is also very important in the present era. The power to express, instills the aspect of transparency in any relationship. This transparency builds up the much needed trust essential to nurture the bond.

If parents focus on this aspect of knowledge and independence their lives will be more peaceful and fruitful. There will be a time where your kid may go wrong, but to bring them on the right track you need their boundless faith. This shall be possible only when you allow them to express,decide and discuss. Harping only about money is sure to ruin things in the long run.

“Give them the right knowledge. Wealth will follow on its own.

Our society on a larger scale needs to rethink of what they really want.

Respecting financial status and disrespecting opinions may seem to be good in the short run but this very aspect hampers the future generations.

Today’s scenario is exact opposite of the lines in the picture.

Respect is given only when financial matters are concerned. The dignity, self-respect and equality take a back seat when matters other than finance are of concern.
If one has intellectual independence, financial independence will accompany.

“Equality should not only be in terms of money and intellect but also expression.”

P.C: to the uploader.

P.S: share your thoughts with me 😊



5 thoughts on “17/04/16: Point to ponder: Independence

  1. Its definitely the right conclusion of our strugglewe made with our thoughts and mind , on the topic .

    Beautifully put up di , freedom as it is used today does not reflect its true meaning , freedom is a complimentary good , it has no value without responsibility , the freedom holds value when we are together .
    I think that’s its real meaning , together , yet independent .
    Just like knowledge , every aspect is different and unique , its independent yet when together it forms the base of various things .
    Lovely thoughts ..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. From my experience true Independance comes only with living your life on your terms.Education Expression & Financial Independance certainly add to this but it is your mindset which matters.If you make your decisions and then also take their consequences this is Independance.Ofcourse with this power of self expression also comes great responsibilities to make sure your nearest and dearest are not hurt by you and are included in your life!Independance should not mean Lonliness but a true expression of Living life to the full in all aspects!
    Raja Janak is a wise father who dotes on his daughters but also shows them what true self respect and self sacrifice means.Selflessness is what brings happiness rather than Selfishness. Great topic on which to write!Well done Jan!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Di really hats off loved the article what is true independence and freedom comes with a responsibility and I could really connect with my life and of course skr made me realise the person janak was

    Liked by 1 person

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