As I glanced outside the window, I saw a cat and her kitten on the compound wall. The cat would jump down, the kitten would follow. The cat would jump up, the kitten would do the same. The cat hit the kitten, the little one did the same. Within a few seconds, the cat rushed on the nearby tree, the kitten followed but couldn’t go far up instead fell down from the first branch itself. The mother rushed down to tend her little one.


It was the kitten’s training period after which the cat would leave her and go.


Animals are strange species for humans aren’t they? Humans spend their life in nurturing their younger ones and later expect to be looked after in their old age by their offsprings.

Animals on the contrary give birth, raise their younger ones, give them training and leave them once they become eligible to look after themselves ( just like the cats).


They perform their duty sane any expectations. This can be attributed to their less developed brain than the humans. And guess what this is where the other species score brownie points in comparison to humans.

Expectations usually lead humans to experience the need of

Their every duty, every activity is bounded by this very notion of getting noticed. They want their actions to be noticed and expect a due credit for the same. They want their relations to acknowledge their sacrifices and good deeds.

And when this notion of ours is broken by some people, we become bitter to such an extent that we become their reflection. We fail to acknowledge what we possess, we fail to acknowledge the life that we are gifted by the Almighty, we fail to acknowledge what other genuine people suffer for us.


We make the pain inflicted by others as our suffering and burn those who always lift us up.

Admit or not but life is a full circle. We tend to become like those, who we dearly love or passionately hate. We forget one crucial “hate” is another form of “love”, maybe more darker and more intense.

Expecting acknowledgment from nincompoops make us blind to the fact that there’s someone who’s watching us, testing us and acknowledging our every step of pain,struggle and sacrifices. The difference being that what you are amidst is a whirlpool of tests whose results shall be declared when you free yourself of that expectation of acknowledgement.

Few of us realize this and we continue loving and hating people. We love those who acknowledge us, we hate those who don’t acknowledge us. But we forget that there exists something called ” indifference”. Practise this with them who fail to see your efforts. Maybe this shall free you from the vicious circle of “expectations” and liberate to the  higher pedestal of

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17 thoughts on “23/04/16: POINT TO PONDER: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

  1. Loved it DD. yes I agree with you. Doing things without expecting anything in return will actually free you.
    Loved what you wrote regarding people becoming reflections of those whom they hate. It is so true yaar. You obsessively hates them and fail to acknowledge your blessings. You will force even people who are
    actually close to us and care about us to stay away from us n then will wallow in self pity.

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    1. Absolutely Geena. i have seen people turning out to be like those who they hate. Infact there was a time when it happened with me too. but i guess better late than never, realized it on time.


  2. I tried very hard not to be like my mother. But I have realized that I am her reflection. I am mirroring her actions and thoughts. Yes I need to forgive n my past needs closure. I have understood it now after SKR. Better late than never. But too late for me. I cannot ask for her forgiveness now since she is no more.

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    1. realization is important Geena. Regrets and guilt will only make matters worse. I guess acknowledging some things will make your path clear. You cannot continue with the baggage of guilt and regret and expect miracles to happen.


  3. This is a wonderful insight on human being’s need of acknowledgement. absolutely wonderful, and about humans and animals .. i have always wondered that the specie whose main aim is to stay alive can be so selflessly devoted to its children .. lovely.

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  4. Such a thought provoking write up J. to err is to be human.. but we humans err sooo much at times that there is no point of return many a times.. or rather one realizes his/her follies a little too late.. and in this time and age.. i think animals are much.. much better survivors than us.

    and you said it gal. Expectations and the desire to be appreciated by the person WE desire leads to complications. only if we paid attention to the ones who are there for us.. here’s to the hope that we are guided right in our life journey and become better human being.. πŸ™‚ and thank you so much for making me a part of this writeup.. ❀

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    1. Thank you for dropping here rupali. i hope you will enjoy my previous posts too. cmn to making everyone a part of this venture, well i always believe sharing views broaden our horizons of thinking. its like “boond boond s banta sagar”. every single drop of thought make a masterpice.

      keep coming and sharing πŸ™‚

      share it with those who may need it πŸ˜‰


  5. Beautiful post jahnvi di
    Expectations and acknowledgement , any work we do we hope it will fetch us reward , but the real pleasure lies in working behind the curtains
    Unvieling those unrealities that are hidden in realities , away from the world
    In our own globe .
    Realizing yourself
    Once we understand this
    Our work is done
    Beautiful as always jahnvi di …..:)

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    1. THANK YOU CHARVI. self realisation is important but not at the cost of other’s pain, compliments and complaints. our life revolves around other’s POV. we lose our own thoughts amidst the whirlpool of expectations.


  6. Excellent dd. Your thought process seems to make you question and evolve. What human beings have forgotten is selflessness. We should do a duty with love .love should teach us to be give rather than receive.when we teach children “the art of selfless giving” ,we should set an example of the same. This allows never to set expectations but to experience “the joy of giving” sans the feeling of sacrifice.

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    1. sangeetha thank you for dropping here and expressing your views πŸ™‚ we indeed are leading loveless life.. we have become mechanic,melancholic and selfish.
      have a great day πŸ˜€


  7. Di it is an marvellous analysis and I have never observed cats so much but beautiful lesson and life too I had expected people to acknowledge my actions but realized that I should be me not trying to impress someone
    Keep it up Di

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