For a longest time I was bothered by something called the “theory of karma”. When there are many theories, beliefs and contradictions you can’t really make out what you support. But nonetheless I was always intrigued by it. I had questions with no answers. Maybe sometimes you get answers in layers. Only thing is you have to peel it off. Part by part, piece by piece you may reach the conclusion, you may reach the truth. And what is the truth? It is your truth, their truth and the ultimate truth. But do we really reach the ultimate truth?

Many times answers to some of your questions knock your door. I will share something with you all. I hope you all like it.


Long tym ago, there was a farmer in a village. He would harvest and store his share of food grains in a big drum ( not the drumming wala, πŸ˜‚ its a huge storing wala vessel). What this man had done with it is quite interseting. As the drum was huge and heavy, it was pretty difficult to take out the grains from the top. He had drilled a hole at the bottom side part of drum. So whenever he would need it, he would open the plug and take the grain out…


This was the story and the interpretation is as follows:

The grains at the bottom which he took was the ones that were stored “first”. So technically they are the old ones. He would begin with them… And then slowly the top ones would come down and were used…


The grains at the bottom were stored first. They were the old ones. They indicate your past karma meaning first karma or old karma. They were taken out first, meaning till you are free of your past karma you cannot enjoy the fruits of what you do today. The previous karma can be good or bad. Even if u do good, but your previous karma was bad, u have to pay.


The new just harvested grains are at the top. You can relish them only when you are free of the old ones. Meanining till you don’t settle your accounts for previous karmas you cannot enjoy the fruits of your present deeds…


Now you may ask why did he used the
old grains? Why from bottom and not top? If you note, once you store grains they can be attacked by pests and rodents.. In short they will be spoiled before they are of any use to you. Even if you take them at the end and cook, it would leave a bad taste and u may suffer more…


So metaphorically they want to say, that settle your accounts with your previous deeds or else they shall haunt you forever…


As with the grains, if you don’t use the first stored first, they’ll infect the new grains too.








12 thoughts on “28/05/16: POINT TO PONDER: KARMA

  1. Very good point Jhanvi. Actually this is something we have to remember. Even if we change our actions, for them to take effect it take time as the effect of all previous karma. Many people dont wait that long to see the effect of their good karma and leave mid way

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    1. Exactly Meera.. Giving up is like accepting defeat. Ppl lack patience nowadays.

      We feel to wait is juz a waste of time which is actually not. But ppl rarely understand this.


  2. Jhan.. Well explained. I believe a lot in the Karma theory. No action is spared.. We have to pay for every action of ours, in this life or the next. Karma follows us like a shadow.. No one is spared.

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    1. Thank you so much for checking this rave..
      Even am a believer of the theory of karma.

      Karma is cruel u c 😜

      We get what we deserve not what we wish.

      Have a great day!!!

      Keep checking in 😊


  3. Beautiful interpretation Janhavi.. loved reading it.. I soooo believe in Karma.. this belief is what has got me so far.. thank you for sharing dearie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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