23/10/16: THE MEETING: PART 1 

​Hola peeps, 
I really hope you all are doing well. Diwali wishes in advance. I hope you all celebrate a safe and noiseless Diwali. 
It took me a lot of time to be back with something really substantial ( I hope it really is 😉 ). 

I happened to meet someone yesterday and I think this is something worth sharing :). After all I love new acquaintances and experiences. 😀 
Finally after a struggle of around 15 days I flaunted my leaving certificate which was a proof of the end of a journey. Stepping out of the comfort zone had never been easy but taking the chance once again I dialled a number. The person at the other end probably took a long time to receive. 
“Listen, he’s an aged person. Have patience”, were my friend’s words when he gave me his number. 
I recalled his words and waited patiently. Life would have thrown lemons at me but it did gave me a lesson. The lesson of “patience”. 
” Hello”, the voice I heard was thick and hoarse enough to give me a proof of the receiver’s age. 
The meeting was final and we sped off in the direction of the location. 
“It was opposite of this bank”, I murmured.
” Where’s the address? Didn’t you write?”, the car stopped with a sudden jerk as my brother applied brakes hastily.
Tough call!!!
“Its at home”, I replied sheepishly.
I saw my brother curse me under his breath. After all I made him run with me leaving his work aside. 
But we didn’t give up. With the scattered information of the plot, house name and area we drove into different lanes. I turned on the GPS and hoped to reach the destination. 
” How will you figure out? “, my brother shrugged his shoulders.
“It is showing something.”, I was thrilled.
“It will show something idiot. It won’t take you to his house just from his name”, my brother honked at the bike before us.
“Park at the side and speak man.”, my brother yelled at the man who Thw believed the road to be of his ownership and chatted in the middle of the way. 
After some time we realized that we moved in circles. In and out. Same lanes, same area. The people stared at our foolishness.
” For God’s sake don’t be dumb. You have got a phone. Call him girl”, my brother was tired of all the circus in the afternoon of October. 
Once we got the exact address we arrived at an old building. 
“I thought it was a bungalow”
“But it isn’t. See its flat no. 13. Go fast” 
I climbed the stairs drenched in sweat. The heat did kill me part by part. Everyday I had a pain in some body part. Today it was my head. 

I ranged the doorbell. I stood in the darkness. Well yes the building was unusual. It couldn’t spot any light or a bulb which could make my path clearer. The neighboring buildings obstructed the light from reaching here. Hence it was pitch dark even in the afternoon. 

Time elapsed as the thoughts chased each other in my mind. 
I spotted an old lady who opened the door for me. 
I took a seat reluctantly as she pestered me. 
“Sir will be here shortly”, she informed.
I waited nervously fidgeting with my fingers. Unconsciously my fingers reached my mouth and I realized that I had already eaten my nails before and nothing was left to soothe my adrenaline. 
To be continued……

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