24/12/16: FRIEND 


7 thoughts on “24/12/16: FRIEND 

  1. Well I think one can own people for that they have to win their heart.
    When you win someone’s heart you don’t need to pull them back as they start trusting you.
    But it’s really hard to find true relationships in this world.

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    1. Might be Manasa… But the term itself is wrong… One can own things but not people….. Unfortunately winning and owning are treated as synonymous…. Winning someone’s heart definitely involves the consent of the person but owning is twisted. It may or may not involve someone’s wish.. But once one has won someone’s heart, “Owning” diminishes by itself…


  2. I agree with you we are not supposed to use the term own. Actually people are not things to be owned. Without mutual consent any relationship cannot survive.
    Behaad mein yahi ho rahi na Maya is trying to own Arjun🙄🙄🙄

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