18/04/17: IT IS NOT OK TO GIVE UP- PART 1 

​As I always believe, when it is night the demons of the mind wake up and trouble us. After all being nocturnal is not easy…. 


It is NOT okay to give up: Part 1. 


“We are stressed”

“We are frustrated”

“We all are fucked up” 

These are the common words one may hear from today’s youth. Some are stressed because their field of study doesn’t interest them. Some are frustrated because their current job is not very pleasing as was promised. Others are yet trying to find a place for themselves where they can fit in. Some have bucks to spend but others are striving for pennies. Sad but true. Some want their destiny to take some magical turn. Some want to change their way. Everyone of us is probably sailing the same boat unaware of the fact that life is unfair to all. We all have complicated our lives to such an extent that we are unable to solve our own problems. Having said that, weren’t simple lives good? The daily rush and race is killing each cell of our brain replacing it with a chip of tension. But life was always like this. Wasn’t it? We strived for perfection, at times we fell but we stood up again. Life is same even today except for our perceptions and reactions. 

It is disturbing to hear kids attempting suicide for a mere reason of low grades or failures. Didn’t we as kids fell off from the cycle umpteen times? Weren’t we weak in one of the many subjects? Didn’t we try learning new things and embracing the change? Then what is different now? Probably it is the tough competition and numerous challenges. Didn’t these challenges exist back then? If they hadn’t our parents probably would never have allowed us to ride the bicycle on the road. It would have been so great if they had asked us to sit home for the fear of traffic on road. Why can’t for a second youngsters give a thought to this? You might have certain things which others are struggling for. Life might not have a price tag but it is valuable.  

I believe loving yourself is not a crime. You fight for what you love. So this time wage a war for yourself.


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